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NONI.IE Newsletter: February 2015


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   With  more than 500,000 positive research papers regarding diet and supplements, plus freely available health information through the internet and media, you would think that our overall health would be improving - yet, sadly, in many cases the opposite is happening. Without doubt some people are living longer, but not necessarily healthier, lives. Most people may be aware of what constitutes a healthy diet, yet they continue to prefer junk foods and lifestyles, without taking responsobility, or caring about the long-term consequences of their actions. We are still talking about being healthy, yet statistics demonstrate that we are becoming one of the 'sickest' nations on earth.

   How much better it would be if we could take not only a lot more responsibility for our own health, but also learn more about our bodies with the aim of preventing them becoming sick in the first place. Unfortunately, too many people still hand total responsibility for their health to their overworked doctor. These hard-working people are caring but unless they have a specific interest in how diet and supplements can prevent or heal many conditions, they are often lacking on this type of information. During their six years' training at medical school, very few receive even a day's training in how diet, lifestyle and taking the right supplements can greatly improve and prevent many illnesses. Most of their courses are still sponsored by drugs companies, which is why prescribing a pill for our illnesses remains their usual response. But this practice is rarely addresses the root cause of the condition.

   Unfavourable diet and lifestyle trigger the wave of illnesses we are experiencing today. Our bodies were never designed to eat so much rabbish and ingest so many chemicals and they are telling us they have simply had enough.

   We have caused most of the problems we face today - but the good news is that we can change or reverse many of them.

Help is at hand

picture    Contrary to press reports, organic fruit and vegetables have been proven to contain more vitamins and minerals than their non-organic counterparts.

   The more we eat organic, the less hormone-disrupting chemicals we swallow. As an example of this, a non-organic lettuce may have been sprayed 11 or more times during its brief growing cycle.

Too many people overuse antibiotics and many doctors ignore the fact that herbs such as Pau D'arco, black walnut, beta glucans, myrrh, grapefruit seed extract, garlic and essential oils of oregano and thyme and many more, are known to destroy superbugs.

They are also unlikely to know that leaky gut full of fungi, parasites, bacterias and infections in intestines is often a root cause for many ailments, including eczema, and most autoimmune problems, such as allergies.

The time has come to discover new ways to protect ourselves and our families.

Stay tuned and you will see how easy is to move from unknown part of your life to consciousness in healthy lifestyle that will actually change your life for better.


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Source: "500 of the most important health tips you'll ever need." Hazel Courtney, Stephen Langley and Gareth Zeal


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